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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

SKU: 000047

The expansive energies of the Yellow Jade and Calcite gemstones stimulate and uplift one’s spirit to promote joy and happiness. Such energy boosts are further enhanced by the Yellow Wood Jasper and Yellow Agate gemstones.



8   6mm   Yellow Jade (Matte)

8   8mm   Yellow Wood Jasper

4   10mm Yellow Stripe Agate

4   Cubes  Yellow Calcite


Approximately 6.75" but is stretchable

  • Additional Info

    Solar Plexus-

    Associated with the affirmation of “I do,” the Solar Plexus chakra connects with one’s personal power and self-esteem. The Solar Plexus chakra resonates with the color yellow as well as gold or chartreuse.


    General Note- 

    We carefully handcraft each gemstone bracelet. Due to a rotating stock of quality gemstones, the quantities are limited. We strive to ensure a standard fit, yet exact size variations may occur.

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