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Simple Abundance

Simple Abundance

SKU: 000017

The cubed Yellow Calcite gemstones stimulate one’s will and self-confidence. The glowing Citrine gemstones represent abundance and prosperity. This appealing trio is finished with Yellow Agate in a matte finish which adds another level of increased willpower to succeed.



5   Cube   Yellow Calcite

5   8mm   Citrine

10 8mm   Yellow-Agate (Matte)


Approximately 6.25" but is stretchable 

  • Additional Info

    Solar Plexus-

    Associated with the affirmation of “I do,” the Solar Plexus chakra connects with one’s personal power and self-esteem. The Solar Plexus chakra resonates with the color yellow as well as gold or chartreuse.


    General Note- 

    We carefully handcraft each gemstone bracelet. Due to a rotating stock of quality gemstones, the quantities are limited. We strive to ensure a standard fit, yet exact size variations may occur.

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