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Insight and Intution

Insight and Intution

SKU: 000036

The stunning oval and spherical Sodalite gemstones enhance mental powers to provide much needed insight into oneself. The beautiful Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli gemstones work together to activate the higher mind for greater comprehension. The Howlite balances the combination with calming energy.



4   Oval   Sodalite

1   8mm  Sodalite

8   8mm  Amethyst

6   8mm  Lapis Lazuli

2   8mm  Howlite

1   Freefrom  Howlite

6   Rondells


Approximately 7" but is stretchable 


  • Additional Info

    Third Eye Chakra-

    Associated with the affirmation of “I see,” the Third Eye chakra embodies intuition and inner vision. The Third Eye chakra resonates with the colors of indigo and violet


    General Note- 

    We carefully handcraft each gemstone bracelet. Due to a rotating stock of quality gemstones, the quantities are limited. We strive to ensure a standard fit, yet exact size variations may occur.

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