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Seven Chakras(6mm)

Seven Chakras(6mm)

SKU: 000040

The Seven Chakras are represented as follows:

Root - Black Tourmaline

Sacral - Mookaite

Solar Plexus -  Citrine

Heart - Green Amazonite

Throat - Lapis Lazuli

Third Eye - Amethyst

Crown - Rainbow Moonstone



3   6mm   Amethyst

3   6mm   Rainbow Moonstone

3   6mm   Lapis Lazuli

3   6mm   Green Amazonite

3   6mm   Citrine

3   6mm   Mookaite

3   6mm    Black Tourmaline

7   8mm   Lavastone


Approximately 6.5" but is stretchable 

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    General Note- 

    We carefully handcraft each gemstone bracelet. Due to a rotating stock of quality gemstones, the quantities are limited. We strive to ensure a standard fit, yet exact size variations may occur.

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