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What Exactly is Crystal Healing?

The answer to this question is quite simple…it depends. By that, I mean individuals approach crystal healing in their own way and from their own perspective. Each one of us has our own intentions and unique experiences that play a role in our daily lives. As a body of mass, we hold and release energy. Crystals, in and of themselves, hold energies based on their formation and color. These energies developed as the crystal formed within Mother Earth for a multitude of years. Individuals who attune to crystal energies likely feel that connection and associate specific crystals with specific moods or sensations.

On any given day, you may feel drawn to a certain crystal. I guarantee that if this happens, that crystal has special meaning, and it is the universe’s way of assisting you in a time of need. The energy of that crystal is needed to balance, activate, or nourish a part of you. The assistance given could be a gentle push or the firm go-ahead to move forward with a plan. Crystals always accentuate the positive!

When you hear the word ‘crystal’, what comes to mind? For me…comfort, release, motivation… Once again, it depends upon the crystal. I could go on and on with words that describe how crystals make me feel. How do they make you feel? Does the deep color of Carnelian pump you up and get you motivated? Does a brightly colored Bumblebee Jasper make you smile and feel joyful? Does the glow of Celestite enhance your connection to the Divine? What do you think of or feel when you see a stunning Amethyst? Do the subtle blues of a Blue Lace Agate calm you? Does dreamy Larimar take you away to your own happy place? Your answers to these questions describe what crystal healing is to you.

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